A list of ten of Miharu's current favourites, in no particular order, it includes films, dance spectacles, concerts etc and is by no means exhaustive.
It will be revised from time to time ...
01. “Grand Torino” (Director: Clint Eastwood)

02. David Byrne 27/01/09 Tokyo Live Show

03. Le ballet de L’OPERA de Lyon “Groosland”
First performance in Japan 2006
Choreographed by Maguy Marin
04. “Belleville Rendez-Vous” (Director: Sylvain Chomet)

05. “The Counterfetters” (Director: Stefan Ruzowitzky)

06. “The Others” (Director: Alejandro Fernando Amenåbar)

07. “Sweeney Todd” (Director: Tim Burton)

08. “Pan’s Labyrinth” (Director: Guillermo Del Toro)

09. Le symbolisme en Belgique - Le reel en abîme -

10. Expedition Leonor Fini
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