A brief question and answer session between (theatre director, sound / visual artist) Ameya Norimizu and Miharu - from the liner notes of Miharu's 2015 CD Moonray.

Q: Which part of the human body concerns you most?

A: Face


Q:Which colour car do you want to ride?

A: Vanilla


Q: I know you don’t keep a pet, but if you did, what would it be?

A: A unicorn


Q: When you go to bed, is your room quiet? Are there any sounds?

A: Very quiet


Q: Which sound would you like to hear when you first wake up?

A: The voice of my mother


Q: Do birds come to your balcony?

A: Sometimes


Q: You are alone in the woods. You don’t know those woods. You start to walk. Which way do you go?

A: Forwards


Q: What would you like to meet as you proceed?

      A: A gentle spanking


Q: You are attacked by an animal. What is that animal?

A: A crocodile


Q: Some animals saved you. What are they?

A: An elephant and a squirrel


Q: One of your teeth has come out right now. Which tooth is it?

 A: ??!


Q: What will you do with the tooth?

      A: Wash it very well, wrap it in gauze, and keep it in a drawer at home.


Q: If you decided to go into exile, then which country would you go to?

A: France


Q: As you crossed the border, what colour clothes would you wear?

A: Black


Q: If there were one more item of clothing, you could include in the bag which is in your room now, what would it be?

A: Corset


Q: If there was one kitchen item, you could include in the bag which is in your room now, what would it be?

A: The white bowl which I use for my morning oatmeal


Q: Do you cross the border by walking? Or do you ride a vehicle?

A: I ride a horse


Q: Do you remember the first song you sang?

A: No, I can’t remember. But my first memory is Schbert’s lullaby that my mother used to sing.


Q: The music starts. You start to dance. Which colour shoes do you wear?

A: Black patent ones


Q: You lost your leg. How are you going to dance?

A: First I’d consult Villiers de l'Isle-Adam for advice.


Q: You lost your arm. What instrument will you play?

A: First I’d have to consult with Rene Magritte


Q: Which do you prefer, Snoopy or Micky Mouse?

A: Micky! But I do have a childhood memory with Snoopy. One day, on the way back from my piano lesson, I bought a Snoopy doll at Isetan department store. When I got off from the train, I fainted and I was taken to the police station where I woke up. My mother was called and rushed there to collect me. The snoopy doll is still sitting on the chair in my parents’ house.


Q: Why do you cut your nails?

A: Because I play the piano


Q: When have you had your hair the longest?

A: When I was a girl


Q: Please let me know the title if you have a favorite book from your childhood.

A: Grimm’s fairy tales


Q: If you could play only one instrument, what would you play?

A: Trautnium


Q: Is there a room to which you wish you could return?

A: Yes!


Q: What’s your most scary memory?

A: A medical diagnostic error


Q: Please let me know one memory of your father

A: Growing lots of roses in the garden


Q: Please let me know one memory of your mother

A: Humming the melodies of Opera arias and chansons in the kitchen while cooking dinner


Q: In the coffin, you are covered with flowers. What kind of flowers are they?

A: Pink flowers


Q: You are singing after death. What song?

A: Songs by Francis Poulenc


Q: Sea, lake, pond, river, swamp, spring, rain, snow, cloud, fog, ice. Which is your favorite water form?

 A: Ice


Q: By the way, have you ever had an affair?

A: Only once


Q: Which would you like to meet, Fred Astair or God?

A: I want to meet both.


Q: It’s been found to be wrong to say that no two people have identical fingerprints. Now the person who has the same fingerprints as you is standing in front of you. Is this person a male or a female?

A: A cross-dresser


Q: I know you don’t have any children, but were you to name your child, what would it be?

A: Elizabeth and Paul